Wong Jing clarified that Future X-cops is not suspended

Andy Lau and Barbie Hsu’s new film Future X-cops had yet hit the cinemas and recently it was reported in a magazine that the reason is due to one of the investors went missing resulting the film suspended. Director Wong Jing and two representatives from the special effects company attended a press conference yesterday stressing that only 10-20% of the report is true, 90% untrue. With regards to allegation that one of the investors went missing, Wong Jing pointed out that Tsai Sung-lin is one of the investors, is currently in Beijing and not “run away”, he still keep in contact with him.

Wong Jing pointed out that there are eight investors for Future X-cops, Mega-Vision Pictures is the largest shareholder at 30%, Tsai is responsible for the special effects post production. He admitted that he do run into some problems with money but the problem was resolved quickly. Wong Jing said: “We are public listed companies, thus there is no chance of getting suspended. The delayed in screen date is we have requirements, even the special effects post production of Storm Riders took more than one year.” However, he admitted that investor did run into some financial dispute, one of their film did get shelved, but Future X-cops is not affected.

With regards to the film being scheduled to open in the cinemas on 30 March throughout Mainland China, it was reported that the date does not collide with any holidays, Wong Jing deny by saying that are not much holidays in Mainland China, thus even its the Tomb Sweeping holiday must also cherish, Pitaya, Crossing Hennessy and Alice in Wonderland would be screened at the same time, everybody are fighting for the date.

He pointed out that the magazine report affected the film and movie companies, thus he reserved the rights to take any legal actions.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News