Andy become Korean hero

Recently there is a “violent craze” in Korean showbiz as managers of idols like Dong Bang Shin Ki, SHINEE and C.N.Blue took violent actions on their fans which resulted discussion. When the footage of Andy Lau rescuing a fan in 2007 was shown, Andy transformed into a “hero” as he won support from Korean netizens.

The incident happened during a concert in Chengdu, the fan present flowers onto the stage and he was stopped by the securities with violent actions. On seeing the situation, Andy immediately jumped off a 2 meters high stage and shouted: “Don’t hit him” before rushing toward the aid of the fan. Then it create quite a commotion and the performance was stop for one minute, Andy return to the stage to resume his performance after he entrusted the fan to the crew members.

It had been 3 years, netizens talked about this incident due to the recent violent actions on fans by idol managers, they sing praise of Andy and was touched to tears, they urged Korean artistes to do some self reflections.

news from: Ming Pao,

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