Andy Lau: Evergreen Legend

When comparing between male and female artistes, male artistes seem to aged more than female artistes, however it seems that it’s not the case with Andy Lau even though he would be 49 years old this September but his face does not have any traces of aging.

Being in showbiz for 30 years, he kept changing his female partner, but he hold onto the male lead post. From his girlfriend Barbara Chan Man Yee in The Emissary to Idy Chan in Return of the Condor Heroes, until Gigi Leung in Full Throttle, Sammi Cheng in Love On A Diet, recently Charlene Choi whom is 20 years younger than him was his wife in All About Love, the female lead changed several generations but his position remain unchanged.

The saying of “The waves pushed forward waves, floating things replacing the old one.” does not seems to affect such a patient and hardworking artiste as he battles stronger in this long battle.

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