Andy wished everyone Happy Chinese New Year with 7 Star Fist

Since the end of last year, Andy Lau had been location shooting Benny Chan’s New Shaolin Temple in Mainland China, with the filming crew resting during the Chinese New Year, Andy flew back to Hong Kong to spend the new year with his wife and parents.

While he was still in Mainland China, he took photographs with 5 little monks to wish all readers a Happy Chinese New Year, he also used “7-Star Fist” to everyone all the best in the year of the Tiger.

Before the photographs were taken, the 5 monks were very nervous, they wore new shoes and clothes, they even requested their senior to have their head shaven, because they wanted to look good when taking photographs with Andy. Andy also display his calligraphy skill as he wrote Shaolin Temple ‘Hu Hu Sheng Wei’, he signed off with the name ‘Hua Shu’. The little monks were puzzled who is ‘Hua Shu’ thus Andy explained what he wrote, they then requested Andy to add the word “zhu” (wishes) but Andy mistaken as to add the word “zhu” (pig), he thought the little monks quipped him as a pig. Andy spent two months to train 7 Star Fists, he also made a pose with the monks.

In order to capture everyone’s smiling faces, the photographers kept asking the little monks: “Is Andy great? Handsome?” Every time the question was asked, the monks would smile and replied: “Great, handsome!” this would make the little monks’ mouth round and big, with a natural simile, this made Andy burst into laughter.

On the first day of Chinese New Year of every year, Andy would always cook vegetarian for his parents and played mahjong to lose money to them in order to make them happy. Filial Andy is also used to wear the Chinese samfoo to offer his parents tea to wish them a Happy Chinese New Year.

It’s a pity that Andy did not talked about whether his wife wore the same outfit as him, as the first day of Chinese New Year is also Valentines’ Day, they could had cooked a meal together in the kitchen.

news from: Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, Apple Daily News, Liberty Times, Hong Kong Daily