Andy injured his hand during shooting

As Andy Lau is currently busy location shooting New Shaolin Temple in Mainland China. He’s currently shooting fighting scenes and accidentally injured his left hand resulting it to be swollen and skin scratched. In order not to let fans worry, he uploaded photographs of his injured hand onto his website to prevent any allegations of his injury.

He posted a new post titled “I’m fine” and upload photographs of his injured left hand and him applying the bandage. He wrote: “On the 6AM of one morning, I was shooting a fighting scene for New Shaolin Temple…. carelessly, my hand is injured! Luckily it’s just a small matter. I know that my “family members” (fans) are worried. After returning to the company, I immediately tell everyone that I’m fine. Promise everyone that I would be more careful, haha….. ”

news from: Ming Pao