Andy and Charlene voted as ideal lovers

Yahoo! Hong Kong recently revealed an online Valentine Day survey with regards to whom the netizens wanted to spent with during Valentine Day and first day of Chinese New Year. The most ideal female lover for netizens, Charlene Choi won the most votes among male and female netizens, the male netizens chose Charlene followed by singer Gloria Tang (G.E.M) and model Chrissie Chau. Whereas, the female netizens chose Charlene followed by model Angelababy and Taiwanese singer Ariel Lin, the survey reflected that male netizens preferred female with a cheerful character and full of smiles, whereas female netizens preferred female with an upright image and sweet look.

With regards to most ideal male lover, both male and female netizens had the same choices. Andy Lau whose “Mr. Good” image and steady ideal lover was affected by his denial of his marriage last year came out top in the most ideal male lover, followed by the newly crowned Most Popular Male Singer in Asia Pacific and Moses Chan.

news from:, Ta Kung Po

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