Andy plays with pirated Facebook

For many years, Andy Lau whom never admitted that he’s married, last August he was finally being exposed that he registered his marriage with Carol Zhu Liqian in Las Vegas, it was a huge news as he was also labeled as “Lying Heavenly King” which destroy his rightful idol image.

It’s minus 10+ degrees in Shanghai, although Andy is wearing a snow hat and thermal wear, he was still shivering in the cold weather, luckily the crew members prepared a “little sun” warm air fan.

With the current situation, to prevent losing fans, in November 2009, Andy started to chit chat with Mainland China’s fans and hard sell asking them to join Andy World Club in order to increase the number of members. He also started to play the pirated version of Facebook –, this website had attracted 60 millions users within a short period of 2 months, when compared with the original 50 million users in Facebook, it’s a huge difference, there is a 10 billion population in China, no wonder Andy is putting his best efforts to attract fans in Mainland China.

Andy had always adores his fans, there will be a gathering among fans every three months. When working overseas, he would took time off to meet the fans, even when he shifted office, one of his condition is that the space must be able to accommodate hundreds of fans.

Andy’s page, he does not mind putting his actual birth date, and hard sell Andy World Club as his family, ask fans to join, but he did not fill in his martial status!

Since November 2009, Andy used his own name to register an account in Mainland China’s, most of the members are from Mainland China, till today there are 1.4 million friends of Andy. When everyone are supporting Facebook, Andy is the opposite as he joined the pirated version of Facebook – For every 3 days, Andy would update his status, wrote his own diary.

Andy would leave message on the net, if he’s too busy he would ask his assistant to post on his behalf.

After appearing as the special performing guest at Sammi Cheng’s concert on Christmas Eve, he immediately left a message at 3:00AM, singing praise of Sammi is fit, he is so excited about the website, similar to other netizens.

After a heavy snow, the road is slippery, the crew member arranged a fish monger boots for Andy to prevent him from falling. Andy also does not mind to reveal this look and quipped it as “2010 most popular rain boots”

He was currently location shooting for New Shaolin Temple in Hengdian, he also kept his fans updated and took some photographs, he also added narration to the photographs making them very lively.

Recently Andy is location shooting in Shanghai Hengdian for New Shaolin Temple. There was a heavy snow on 10 January, resulting him to stop his kungfu practice so he had a day rest.

Andy also gave benefits in as those whom joined his fan club before 31 January would be given an Andox soft toy. He uploaded all the photographs he took and tell everybody whom wanted to know his latest status and get contact with him would need to join Andy World Club as soon as possible.

Andy shot a short video asking Mainland China fans to contact him through this website.

When location shooting in Shanghai, he was bored and return to his hotel room immediately to play the most popular online game in Mainland China – Parking Lot and Farm. also have the happy farm game, it’s a direct copy of Facebook’s Happy Farm, other than collecting your own ripe plants, you could also go to your friend’s farm to steal theirs.

From the look of his farm, he seems to grow all kinds of plants, he would also collect his ripe plants and go to his friends’ farms to steal their ripe plants, it can be seen that he’s very active.

Andy bought his own apartment and named it Clear Water Bay Peninsula residence, it show that he spend lots of time on the decoration.

In addition, he also decorate his room, study room and shower room. It seems that Andy is also very hardworking when comes to playing games.

On 27 December, Andy World Club has a bowling competition, Andy exclaimed that he’s anticipating it as he was so nervous that he went for practice two days in advance.

Andy shared with his fans the photographs of his Hong Kong Christmas fan gathering.

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