Future X-cops plagiarizing?

James Cameron’s Avatar has been doing very well in the box office takings throughout the world, it managed to collect HK$125 million after screening for one month in Hong Kong, this shows that there is a huge market for special effects films, this allows many directors wanting to join into the fray. Wong Jing’s Future X-cops is one example as it promotes its special effects, it seems to gain some effects off Avatar.

However, there was a leaked footage of Future X-cops some time ago on the Internet, netizens commented that the film’s story is about back from the future, even the special effects are back dated but director Wong Jing kept exclaiming that the leaked footage had yet gone through post production thus the low quality, then the film redraw itself from the Chinese New Year festive screening period and postponed till March as the special effects need to be improved.

The vehicle of the Future X-cops looked like a toy model, no wonder netizens flamed it.

Meanwhile it was said that the character’s image and story are similar to some classic films, whether it’s coincidence or plagiarism, it would leave to the audience to be the judge.

Andy’s transformation is similar to Galivan – Cosmo Police.

This scene is similar to one scene in Wanted

This scene is similar to Batman

news from: http://et.21cn.com