China Film Group: the main reason is to perfect Future X-cops

Earlier China Film Group had officially announced that Future X-cops had redrawn itself from the Chinese New Year slots, it was reported that the post production is not completed as the reason. When contacted by reporters, it was confirmed that the special effects is the reason for the delay, but not the alleged reason of unable to meet the deadline or escape from the crowded films to be screened during Chinese New Year but rather to perfect the film.

Future X-cops completed shooting in 2009, it is said that Double Negative promised to complete the special effects production by 28 December 2009, although the deadline was met, but after the film companies watch the film, they suggested that the film is redraw from the Chinese New Year screening slots.

The spokesman expressed that in the 28 December completed version of the film, 90% of the 1000 special effects had been completed, but there are 150 – 180 special effects that could be improved. Future X-cops took 3 years to prepare, they wanted it to be in the same league as Spiderman, Batman and Wolverine, although the film met the expectations but with the screening of Avatar, 2010 and Special Force, the improvement of the special effects had raise the audiences’ expectation. Therefore, improvements to the special effects in Future X-cops is needed.

With regards to the difference between Chinese and Western films, especially in special effects, the spokesman Mr. Tsai said: “Although Future X-cops is planned for 3 – 5 years and one year is spent on special effects, when compared to the 8 years of Avatar and 4 years of 2012, the post production is not enough, no matter its time committed and money invested, we would not exceeded the Western films. With an investment of 1.5 billion, Future X-cops can be considered the most sincere science fiction Chinese film.”

Although the date of screening postponed, the scheduled promotion will still carry on, the poster and final trailer will be announced in the middle of this month. With regards to the screen date of the film, everything is still being discussed and nothing is being confirmed.

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