Andy said to let Anita Mui down

It had been 6 years since Anita Mui passed away, however her mother Tam Mei-kam would not let her off, after challenging her will, she is now saying that Andy Lau was cheating her daughter’s feelings.

Tam Mei-kam said that Anita loved her best friend Andy the most, she said: “Anita cried many times, because she gave him money to shoot film, I’m now telling everybody, the money was used to set up a company, shoot Dance of a Dream for Andy to be the male lead. Andy whom himself know that he’s attached, he should have tell Anita that they could be brother-sister and not couple, he already has a lover, he should not have cheated her.”

Tam Mei-kam then complained that Andy is a person “without blood nor tears”, he was on such good terms with Anita, after she had passed away and suspect problems with her will, she went to approach Andy to help her, but Andy did not agree. Anita’s elder brother Mui Tak-ming said: “I and my mother went to Andy’s apartment, he did not recognize my mother, this is the biggest lie. We wrote 3-4 letters to him, he never reply once!”

Meanwhile, Andy refuse to comment on Madam Tam’s claim.

news from: China Press,,,