Future X-Cops reveal photographs of Andy and Barbie kissing

Action science-fiction film Future X-Cops will hit the cinemas on 5 February. It’s known that Andy Lau and Barbie Hsu have a time difference love relationship. Andy has been Barbie’s idol since young, no wonder she cherish this collaboration as she seize the chance to kiss Andy, this make one remember Andy was once requested by her younger sister Dee Hsu to “create chemistry”, poor Andy had “no choice” but to accept the brave “attacks” of the Hsu sisters.

Barbie is a “modern world” inspector in the film, Andy who was from 2085 came into Barbie’s world and a cross time, sad love story happened. Barbie throw away her normal image and wore police uniform, her character changed as she’s full of woman attraction.

This is the first collaboration as “silver screen couple” between Andy and Barbie, having declared many times that Andy is the idol of the Hsu sisters. she anticipated her collaboration with Andy. From our understanding, the first scene they shot was a kissing scene, it was winter during shooting and Barbie was not used to the cold weather and got a flu, in order not to affect the shooting, she continued shooting despite not feeling well. With regards to her performance, Barbie exclaimed: “My heart is warmth when I get to collaborate with my idol, Andy’s acting is great and very caring, when I act opposite him, I always have the thoughts of kissing him, hope we could collaborate again, if I get to kiss him again would be great!”

The force kiss in Future X-Cops allowed us to remember when Andy was interviewed by Dee Hsu in her 2005 show, Barbie kissed because of the requirement of the film but Dee was just curious.

news from: m1905.com, Apple Daily News, Sina.com, nownews.com