Sub-standard Future X-Cops clip leaked!

Directed by Wong Jing, Future X-Cops cast includes Andy Lau, Barbie Hsu and Fan Bingbing. The film will be screened in Mainland China and Hong Kong early next year, it narrates Andy who has the ability to transform, travel in time from 2130 back to 2080 to rescue his daughter Xu Jiao thus the film would have many special effects, currently post production is being carried out.

However, netizens discovered a leaked clip and post it in Youtube for sharing, after watching many netizens leave comments saying that the special effects are “rough” as though the standard of 10 years ago. With regards to this, when interviewed in Hong Kong Wong Jing sighed: “I have a feeling of being stripped naked and being displayed on the street where my neighbours see me, because the slip had yet gone through post production, of course it’s not watchable. The editor even used the music of Transformer as the background music.”

With regards to the leaked clip, Wong Jing is currently investigating and denied that this is promotion, he said: “If it’s promotion, I will leaked out the completed version, this leaked version is only 30% completed.” He could not endure the negative comments from netizens, he said: “After discovered, I have already sent a lawyer letter to YouTube and other websites in hope of them removing the clip and stop distributing on the Internet.”

He added that he would upload the completed version as soon as possible to justify the poor special effects comments. When contacted, Barbie said that she had not watch the clip thus unable to comment.

news from: Apple Daily News