Andy shared his East Asian Games joy in AWC website

Two nights ago, Andy Lau was one of the performing artiste at the opening ceremony of the East Asian Games, it’s an excited and unforgettable night for him as immediately he went him, he shared his joy at his Andy World Club website, he also uploaded the close up photographs that he took onto the blog to share with his fans.

Andy is delighted to see the East Asian Games being hosted in Hong Kong as slowly it had shown improvements. Meanwhile Hong Kong’s Steven Wong won the first gold medal in the game is already a good beginning, if all is to compared the opening ceremony of East Asian Games with last year’s Beijing Olympic Games, it’s not fair as both could not be compared. After his performance, due to the jam packed citizens and closed roads, to prevent any chaotic situation, he could not leave immediately as he could only leave around 11:00pm, thus Andy thanked the escorting from the securities.

Andy reached home around 12:27am and he immediately went online to Andy World Club website to share his joy in a blog post titled “Disclosing the creation of a miracle opening”. Andy wrote: “Today is the big day of the opening of the East Asian Games, the sea and road traffic of the route to Tsim Sha Tsui’s Culture Centre had been well prepared, the roads had been closed in advance, the ferry had stopped service after evening strike, I reached the venue at 4:00pm to prepare for the 8:00pm performance, everyone is anticipating the miracle creation opening. Do not compare this opening with last year’s Beijing Olympic Games, this is unfair as the manpower, budget cannot be compared, but the East Asian Games also had the widest stage, the biggest venue and the largest audience, this should be the best beginning.”

Andy also expressed that the Equestrianism events of last year’s Olympic Games was held in Hong Kong, but this time should be considered Hong Kong first time for hosting large scale sporting event, this is their own attempt for the first time, it had shown improvement, its the same as the sporting result of Hong Kong improving gradually. He wrote: “Today in the bmx motorcycle competition, our representative Steven Wong had won the game’s first gold medal, this is already a good beginning. I rushed back to arranged the photographs that I took, are they close distance enough? It should be closer that the live telecast, anxious to share with everyone, hope all will show support to the East Asian Games.”

Meanwhile the rent of his current rented office in Kwun Tong had been raised every year, after some thinking, he decided to buy his own office as recently he bought a 20,000 square feet in a certain commercial building in Kowloon Bay as his new office, hoping to change the bad luck of this year!

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News