Andy perform at the 5th East Asian Games opening ceremony

The 5th East Asian Games will open in Hong Kong on 5 December, Andy Lau, Joey Yung, Hacken Lee, Yumiko Cheng, Han Hong and other artistes were rehearsing on the floating stage at the Victoria Harbour. Alan Tam will be the finale performer as he will sing the theme song – ‘Chong Chu Shi Jie’ (Race out of the world).

The 5th East Asian Games will be open in Hong Kong on 5 December, the opening ceremony will be a breakthrough as the venue will not be a stadium but held at Hong Kong’s stunning Victoria Harbour. When Sina visit the venue, the stage was transformed from an abandoned cruise, its floating at the sea. The opening ceremony will have a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes, it will open with a boat parade on the sea.

The singers will be performing on the floating stage. Andy will be singing his composition ‘Ru Guo You Yi Tian’, it will be in the segment “blessing for Hong Kong”, it will be the most colorful segment for the night.

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