Andy celebrate Christmas in advance with children suffering from cancer

Being Ronald McDonald House’s Star Guardian, Andy Lau brought his two sons Andox and Box to Ronald McDonald House at Shatin’s To Shek Village to visit sick children and encourage them to stay brave when facing their difficulties.

Andy celebrated Christmas in advance with the children, spending a happy and memorable day with them. Among the children is 12-years-old Jia Jun who is diagnosed with lymphoma, it reoccurred after recovery, he is a fan of Andy and he was excited and surprise of Andy’s visit, he promise Andy that he will continue to fight against cancer, it was a touching scene.

Earlier Andy shot a promotional clip for Ronald McDonald House, he was drawing with children in the wild.

Andy is an expert in sketching thus he guide the children to use drawing to express their inner world in order to let their dream come true.

news from: Sing Tao News, Headline Daily,,, Apple Daily News