Andy does not admit losing to Sandra Ng

Andy Lau and Denise Ho were at Tseung Kwan O TV City for the recording of Sandra Ng’s talk-show Club Sparkle two nights ago. As host Chin Kar Lok had something on, Chapman To was asked to stand in for him.

Andy whom seldom attend such program was asked if he’s worried of Sandra’s questioning? Andy said: “Why should I afraid of the questioning, for the sake of promotion I have no choice, no mater what I have to attend, I’ll answer the questions I like and not answer the questions I don’t like. (What if your love history is asked?) No choice, she can ask me, I’ll try to handle the situation by all means.”

When Sandra knew that Andy would not be answering the questions that he does not like, she quipped: “If he’s not answering, I’ll ask him to leave! I asked questions according to the script.” Sandra added that Andy is an artiste worth the most money as even he just seated and didn’t speak a word, audience will still watch him.

When Andy attend eSun Holdings spring dinner earlier, it’s alleged that Andy managed to sit beside boss Peter Lam in the host table beating Leon Lai and Miriam Yeung. Andy denied the allegation as he quipped that it’s an misunderstanding because there is also Jim Chim in the same table.

During the Chinese New Year holidays, Andy’s Look For A Star box office takings lose out to Sandra’s All Well Ends Well 2009, when asked if he’s not happy? Andy said: “No choice, I’ll work harder next year, I lose out to Louis Koo and not Sandra, I don’t think I lost as I earlier did said that All Well Ends Well 2009 will do better. (Will you switch to shooting comedy?) I will, or maybe I should invite her for a romantic love movie.” Upon hearing that Andy intend of collaborating with her, Sandra also said that she hope that she can collaborate with Andy again.

In addition, Andy was also interviewed by Cha Xiaoxin, he revealed that he had a habit of collecting diamonds as he plans to give to his lover as present.

When asked about his declaration of getting married during his concerts, Andy was asked if he was making in roads for his girlfriend, he answered: “Those are script to boast up the atmosphere of the concert, thus result in this misunderstanding, I’ve already told my fans during gatherings, they’re used to it.”

When talked about the effect of the financial crisis on him, Andy exclaimed that it does not have much effect on him, he quipped that all people whom invested in shares bought HSBC thus making a 50% loss, but he earned money by buying HSBC. Andy exclaimed that the financial crisis has a positive impact on the Mainland China movie industry as they made a 12% profit, but it does not help the Hong Kong movie industry.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Headline Daily