Andy denied any thoughts of moving house

Celebrating 10th Anniversary of the Macao SAR Government Andy Lau Wonderful World concert will be held at Estádio Campo Desportivo (Macau Stadium) on 20 December. Andy attended the press conference in Macao yesterday. With regards to allegation that he spent HK$106 million to buy a new apartment for himself and Carol Zhu Liqian, Andy denied that he had any thoughts of moving, he quipped: “I can make children everywhere!”

At the press conference, it was also the premiere of the music video for Ode to Macao, Andy gave a crystal lotus to Macao SAR Government Instituto do Desporto (Sport Development Board) chairman Wong Yau Lek.

The organizer arranged a child whose birthday is the same date as the handover of Macao to present flowers.

Andy expressed that it’s almost 10 years that he last held a concert in Macao. When asked if he’s paid good, he said he knew nothing. The concert will be held in the afternoon, Andy said that the production team used an advance LCD screen which will give the audience a better visual enjoyment.

Andy exclaimed that when he first entered showbiz, he would always come to Macao during the Chinese New Year to play firecracker, he sing praise that Macao had improved a lot for the past 10 years, it can be comparable to Las Vegas which is suitable for a family get-away. When asked if he gamble, Andy said: “I don’t dare to gamble, it’s very hard to earn money, depressed to lose money, don’t even play mahjong.”

It was alleged that he would be buying a new apartment at Kadoorie Hill to set up a love nest with Carol to make baby, the new apartment will be one street away from his current apartment thus he could visit his parents easily. When asked of these allegations, Andy said: “I would not discuss about this! (Did your parents asked about this?) They seldom read newspaper, I don’t have the intention of moving currently, don’t say buy property for investment.” It was reported that he intend to move to make babies, Andy burst into laughter and said: “I can make babies everywhere.”

In addition, Alan Tam wanted to recommend him to become the chairman of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, he said: “He did discuss with me, but I never agree, Alan and Eric Tsang are the one over seeing everything, I’m just a backup, I’m just suitable to be the producer of concert, hosting and small projects.” When asked if he had any suitable candidate, he said: “To be a chairman must have some status, but this is not a topic to be discussed over tea or meal.”

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