Shu Qi waited for years for blissful kiss from Andy

Invested by Media Asia, Chinese New Year movie Look For A Star held its promotion activity in Beijing yesterday. Director Andrew Lau lead Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Denise Ho and Chinese actor Zhang Hanyu to attend the event.

The movie is a romantic love comedy which talked about romantic wedding proposals, Andy said: “If you truly love a person, you only need to say to your loved one: “Marry me”, it would be romantic enough, I object people advertise wedding proposal in the media, because love is a matter of two person.” So how do Shu Qi look at it, she said: “I agreed with what Andy had said, woman loved being touched in the heart, need not be too fanciful, it’s already romantic enough.”

At the press conference, the compere requested the actors to write down on a piece of paper what blissful things that they wanted to do within a week, it will be announced during the premiere of the movie one week later. However, Andy failed to come out with an answer, when asked if he’s already enjoying blissful? Andy denied as he said he really can’t think of anything. He quipped: “Really, I cannot think of anything!” When the others are about to submit their paper, Andy immediately “got his idea” and wrote on the paper, the paper was filled up completely and the compere quipped that he’s writing a letter. The actors also drank champagne to wish success to the movie.

Denise and Zhang Hanyu wore matching lovers color outfit for the press conference, when expressing his “ultimate wooing tactic”, Zhang Hanyu said: “Be brave and say out to your loved one, a strong lady like Denise would also wanted someone to hug her when she goes home.” This expression made Denise’s face turned red.

Andy’s expression to his “girlfriend” Shu Qi is not hush hush too, he quipped: “I have many tactics in the movie, I’ll give myself to her, come to think about it, how would she reject me?”

There are several kissing scenes between Andy and Shu Qi, she exclaimed that she waited for Andy to kiss her for 7-8 years, she quipped: “When shooting the kissing scene with Andy, I felt so lucky and romantic thus I must kiss him till the max.”

There is a tough kissing scene where Shu Qi is sitting low and Andy had to lower his body to kiss her, she had to raise her head in order to accept the kiss resulting in a stiff neck. Upon knowing that Andy is feeling uncomfortable, Andy quipped: “I must really thanked her for waiting for me for 7-8 years, she should have told me earlier, I’m always ready for her.”

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