Andy romancing in the rain with Gue Lun-mei in San Francisco

Earlier Andy Lau and Gue Lun-mei were in San Francisco for the shooting of Acura TL car commerical.

This is the first time that Andy become the spokesman of a car.

The car company invested heavily in the production as they invite Hong Kong Film Awards Best Director winner Andrew Lau to direct the commercial, the production team consisted of crew members from Hollywood, it’s a strong production.

All shooting was done in a week as they went to all tourist spots in San Francisco, the roads were closed for 2 hours by the policemen sent by the local government to facilitate a smooth shooting.

For the shooting, many large equipments were rented, including a large rain machine which is used in a scene where Andy and Gue Lun-mei meet for the first time and fall in love with each other in the rain.

There are twists and turns in their love relationship with a happy ending in the end. The scenes of the commercial is very romantic as it was divided into 3 parts namely meeting, searching and reconciliation.

It was a cold weather during shooting, because the rain drenched Andy’s clothes, he said: “Even my trousers was drenched.” The crew member immediately bring Andy to the nearby coffee shop to keep warmth with the heating machine.

As the theme of the commercial is love and romantic, thus there are some intimate scenes for the leads.

An example is Andy hugging Gue Lun-mei under the Golden Gate Bridge with the sun set as backdrop. Gue feel that lying her head on the shoulder of Andy is very romantic. However to Andy, this is just a “small matter” for him, anyway it’s their first collaboration.

Throughout the shooting of the commercial, Andy enjoyed the joy of driving. Andy managed to drive around San Francisco for the shooting, the places he went were Golden Gate Bridge, train station, red wine shop, Bay Bridge and many others. When Andy was driving along the streets of San Francisco, he attracted many onlookers which disrupted the shooting as crew members had to disperse the crowd for shooting to continues, Andy said: “For the shooting of me driving in San Francisco, the time equals to me driving in Hong Kong for the whole year.” All crew members sing praise of Andy’s driving.

With regards to collaborating with director Andrew Lau in this commercial, Andy said: “Hope everyone would be able to enjoy the love trilogy in this Acura TL commercial and the love brought out in the movie Look For A Star.”

The commercial will be broadcast throughout Mainland China during the Chinese New Year.

news from: Wei Wen Po,,,