Andox and Box’s acting is not good enough

Since their “birth”, Andox and Box had caught everybody’s attention, carrying the glory of their “mother” heveanly king Andy Lau, these two fellows has their own blog, website as they follow Andy to venture into different areas. They are cast in Mainland China first idol doll drama Andox and Box. As this drama gather many “firsts”, the first time human acting opposite doll. Being their first time, Andox and Box faced many difficulties, their acting did not meet the director’s standard thus giving him a headache.

When Andox and Box reached the studio, their cute outlook and cheerful character charmed everyone. When comes to work, Andox and Box were not so likeable. Since entering showbiz, Andox and Box had experience of many large occasion but they are only two years old. Director Lu Xiaoping said: “The active Box always failed to concentrate, he is easily disturbed by outsiders during acting. Whereas the quiet Andox is too quiet as his performance in front of the camera is weak, his actions is small, could not find any feel as an actor.”

As it was their first time as leads, it’s a huge pressure for Andox and Box, without any acting experience, they slow down the filming crew’s planning. Due to their body shape and face without any expression, thus making it hard for them to show off their emotions, they also could not locate where is the camera, thus experiencing frequent NGs.

Andox and Box have many dialogues and need to express many emotions, thus this give them a lot of problems. The biggest problem is their dialogues are not expressive enough, there are no feelings in the dialogues, read according to the script, this could not create the character and this also give problems to the actors acting opposite them. It seems that Andox and Box did not inherit their “mother” Andy’s acting, Andy also could not help Andox and Box through this difficult stage, it does not look good at the studio.

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