Andy to watch Sammi’s concert this Christmas

Two nights ago, Andy Lau attended apm x Andy Lau Andox & Box kick-off Ceremony. Andy made an entrance with Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. Leasing General Manager Miss Feng Xiuyan.

Andy was carrying a little girl whom was dressed up as a Flower Fairy, following them were Santa Claus and female Santa Claus, it was full of Christmas atmosphere.

The event attracted thousands of locals and Andy’s fans, they kept screaming their idol’s name and cheered for him. Other than hosting the light-up ceremony, Andy also brought along Andox and Box. Andy sang a few songs, looking at them while singing and waved to them.

He was arranged to sing only 3 songs but he gave an encore by singing an additional song, Andox and Box also dance and sing with him, it was happy atmosphere as if he’s celebrating Christmas with the fans in advance.

He seems to be in good spirit as he got more excited while singing, he quipped: “Suddenly I have the urge to stage a concert, let here be the venue, OK?”

Andy would spent his Christmas in Hong Kong this year, “On the 20th I would go to Macao for the handover show, will spend Christmas in Hong Kong, would set off to Mainland China either on 26 or 27 December for the local shooting of New Shaolin Temple.” When asked if he had other plans, he said: “Nope, maybe I’ll go watch Sammi Cheng’s concert, I couldn’t go shopping, be special performing guest? I’m not sure, she did not invite me officially, it depends on whether Sammi wanted me to go onto the stage!”

When asked if he would prepare any Christmas present for his family members, he said: “Seldom, in the past I would be doing my concerts in America, I only exchange presents with the crew members.” When asked if he would be staging any concert, he said: “I wanted to, if I sent in my application now I would need to wait for one year.”

When talked about New Shaolin Temple, Andy exclaimed that he would need to shave his head, he had been practicing kung-fu these days. “I undergo training under a Shaolin master, I’m 70-80% done, I undergo training for one month, the master sing praise of my progress. I accidentally hurt my right hand earlier, luckily it had recovered. With regards to miscellaneous, it will be taught by the abbot.”

Andy expressed that he need to wake up at 9am every morning for training, “I undergo 4 hours of training every day, 2 hours to stretch myself and yoga, the other 2 hours to practice fist fighting and others.”

Andy will fight with Jackie Chan, Wu Jing and Nicholas Tse in the film, although all of them had kung fu basics but based on character, Andy will be more highly skilled than them. He quipped: “I will win them, this is so strange.”

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