Andy accompanied Carol to watch movie

On 5 November, Andy Lau brought his parents and Carol Zhu Liqian to watch Michael Jackson’s This Is It, enjoying family bliss.

Since being exposed of his marriage, Andy had always refuse to talk about Carol, she was nowhere in sight when celebrating his birthday with his fans. Actually Andy and Carol has an understanding, she’s not allowed to leave her house, all matters will be handled by the maids, it seems that she’s in a bride prison, to become the woman behind the heavenly king, is not easy. According to insider revealed: “Andy’s direction towards wedding is rather to let others know than be seem, allowing the matter to rest slowly.”

Carol could not spotted shopping in public, but Andy does not want to bored her. On 5 November, Andy booked the whole cinema to bring Carol to watch Michael Jackson documentary film This Is It, his parents were also there together with his assistants and crew members. A private party sign was displayed at the cinema entrance, crew members of the cinema stand guard the cinema in order for Andy to enjoy the family bliss.

The cinema that Andy booked only have 23 seats, every seat is like a massage chair as it’s height can be adjusted, it’s very comfortable. The price of the cinema is also very cheap as the booking of the cinema cost just $4000, it’s worth it to spent $4000 to create a romantic atmosphere.

After the movie screening, Andy was told that reporters were waiting for him outside the cinema, he immediately bring Carol to leave from the backdoor.

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