Andy to lead artistes in disabled persons’ charity activities

Set of good Carnival is joint organized by China Disabled Persons’ Federation and China Foundation for Disabled Persons to mark every year’s International Day of Disabled Persons where artistes and celebrities would participate in large scale charity activities and performances, it had been held for 6 years. On 29 November, Set of good Carnival Beijing 2009 will be held at National Stadium. Andy Lau will lead many artistes to raise funds, all funds collected will be used to support the recovery of China’s deaf children.

In the six years, Set of good Carnival had managed to raise a total of more than $50000,000 to assist disabled persons’ recovery, education, culture publishing and Wenzhou earthquake rebuilding works. This year, the theme for Set of good Carnival is to help poor deaf children walked out of their silent world, through large scale charity activities for their project in assisting hearing action, the funds will be used for Otolaryngology on 1200 children, implant hearing aids for 1200 deaf children, helping the children to regain their hearing soon.

In this year’s Set of good Carnival, Andy Lau, Alec Su, Andy Hui, Sha Bao Liang, Van Fan, Gary Cao, A Dua, Li Xiaolu, Wei Chen, Jiang Ying Rong and many other popular artistes will perform to show off their love. Every paying audience will contribute to the disabled persons.

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