Andy to perform in East Asian Games opening ceremony

Hong Kong will be the host country for East Asian Games for the first time, the games will start next month and not only the sports competitors fighting for glory, it was said that several big name singers are also fighting for slots to perform in the game’s opening ceremony. The organizer had confirmed that Andy Lau, Alam Tam, Hacken Lee and Joey Yung will be performing in the opening ceremony on 5 December.

As Andy would be in Mainland China location shooting with Jackie Chan and Nicholas Tse for New Shaolin Temple, but he had applied several days leave from the movie company to attend the ceremony. He would specially flew back from China to Hong Kong, his sincerity can be seem. Ever since his marriage being exposed, his image is in danger, he exclaimed that he would do better in the days to come, indeed he’s a man of his words as he continue to contribute to the society. He went to perform in 3 venues for last month China’s 60th anniversary. Actually Andy had always been supportive for sports as other than being a performing artist for the Beijing Olympic Games last year, he also performed at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games, he also personally went to show support to the sportsmen at the venues.

“Andy Lau also submitted a song that he composed for the second round song selection for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games but failed to be selected.” These words from Asian Games ceremonies and cultural activities, Deputy Minister of Ning Xiao Zhou shocked the reporters as with Andy’s popularity in the Chinese showbiz. With regards to this, it was said that in order to be fair, all songs’ writers names would be removed, thus Andy is not selected because he has low popularity. However the committee will invite Andy to sing the Asian Games songs, used his most familiar way to encourage Asian Games.

Among the 15 Asian Games songs revealed, it includes songs of musicians from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. It can be easily seen that the songs selected are of happiness and themes of encouragement, this could be the possibility that Andy whom revealed that he would write a song of a happy party thus not meeting the requirement. Although Andy did wrote the theme song Everyone is No.1 for the Paralympic Games, but being not a professional song writer, failure to be selected is rather normal.

news from: Apple Daily News