Taiwanese fans welcome Andy at the airport

Since the marriage of heavenly king Andy Lau being exposed two months ago, he touched down in Taiwan for the first time with large group of media waiting and jam packed the airport yesterday.

Andy was surrounded by the media, when he was asked if he was going to announce any good news as in his wife is pregnant? He sighed and expressed: “This is my private matter, sorry, this is the matter between myself and the person I love,….therefore I won’t be discussing about this.”

When Andy appeared, the awaiting fans screamed and went forward to give him presents and send him regards. In between someone shouted: “We’ll support you forever”, some fans held banners with writings “Andy, Taiwan fans support you all our life” which touched Andy.

According to udn news, close to 100 fans went to receive him at the airport, Andy whom dressed causally show off his friendliness by taking his own initiative to walk towards the fans after walking out of the gate, he collected flowers, presents and didn’t reject requests of shaking hands and autographs.

Despite just attending the start shooting ceremony of New Shaolin Temple, Andy looked fresh and was full of smile, reminding the media not to push and beware of their own safety.

Andy told fans during the 88 Typhoon fund raising event, asking them to save the air ticket and travel fees to donate to the charity and he is willing to jet over to Taiwan for a fan gathering, this is his fulfilling his promise to Andy World Club members. He teared about 1.5 hours meeting the fans and said: “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of myself.”

This gathering with his “family members” last for 3 hours, Andy sang and managed to take photographs with 800 fans, chatted with them, hugged them as he hope that the family members will be happy, healthy.

Professional photographers help Andy and his fans took photographs as he quipped that these photographs were too intimate and remind them not to upload the photograph to the Internet.

Throughout the gathering, Andy did not talked about his marriage and when he was asked if he would come to Taiwan for the Golden Horse Film Awards, he said: “I’m not sure, let’s see if I have the time.” Despite not taking about the sensitive topic about children, but Andy also show his fatherly side by carrying a little girl.

After the gathering, Andy immediately rushed to the airport to catch the 8pm flight thus he does not have the time to taste the good food in Taiwan, luckily the crew members prepared his favorite rice balls, soy bean drink and fruits for him. Before entering the custom gate, he reminded fans not to follow him and get into trouble with the media.

Andy stayed in Taiwan for a total of 9 hours and did not accept any interviews, 12 security guards were also hired to guard to entrance and exit of his fan gathering.

The low profile Andy left a message on his website on 19 October expressing the weather is comfortable and cool, however his skin is itchy and thus remind himself to take good care of his own skin when shooting of New Shaolin Temple starts at the end of the year. He also asked for skin care tips from fans. In another message, he talked about the couple whom in danger of losing their life because of pregnancy, Andy feel for them and show his support for them as he anticipating for a miracle.

There is a possibility that Andy would shave his head for the shooting of New Shaolin Temple, Andy’s manager revealed: “If it is requested, Andy will accommodate the request as he had previously shaved his head for Running On Karma and The Warlords, thus there is a possibility.”

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