Andy admit that he’s wearing a wedding ring

After the premiere of Look For A Star in Hong Kong, director Andrew Lau brought his cast of Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Denise Ho and Dominic Lam to Guangzhou for promotion as the film will open in the cinema on 26 January.

The whole group is delighted, director Andrew exclaimed that he doesn’t feel that the film is directed by him after watching the film. Andy and Shu Qi feel that the film reflect realistic love stories, thus the audience will agree to the film. During the press conference, Andy wore a wedding ring on his ring finger, it immediately catches the reporters’ attention to question him.

In his earlier promotion in Beijing, Andy exclaimed that if the film managed to collect $3 billion in the box office, he would kiss Shu Qi’s co-star in If You Are The One – Ge You allowing him to taste the taste of Shu Qi, because Andy managed to kiss Shu Qi in Look For A Star unlike Ge You in If You Are The One. When reporters asked that other than this clause, will Andy follow Cape No. 7 male lead Van Fan promise of doing a nude swim if the box office exceeded $3 billion. Andy said that the target of $3 billion is very far, he never heard of anyone doing a nude swim, reporters told him that Ethan Ruan did it before. Andy said that if the film really collect $3 billion, he would not do a nude swim, at the most remove another piece of his clothing.

There are three different love stories in Look For A Star, the identities of the three couples are special but they all ended up together. The director used many romantic tactics to present the love stories. When reporter asked Andy if his love story with Shu Qi happened in real life, will he accept her? Andy said: “I’ll accept her, but will not be announcing it.” Shu Qi said: “There are a lot of such stories in the newspaper nowadays, it’s nothing special, many people marry into wealthy families nowadays.”

The love life of Andy is still getting the attention from the media. Reporters spotted him wearing a wedding ring on his ring finger, thus he was asked if it’s a wedding ring and if he had married secretly. Andy quipped: “This is indeed a wedding ring, I’m not afraid of reporters writing that I’m married because they wrote it even when I’m not wearing a wedding ring. This ring is a prop from the film and it’s also sponsored, thus I need to wear it on every promotional activity.” Andy added: “I’ll need to return to the sponsor every time after wearing it, they are not willing to give it to me.” When reporters asked Andy when would he wear his own wedding ring, Andy looked at Shu Qi and said: “No worries, both of us have love in the end, we will not be lonely and alone when we’re old.” Andy then added: “All of you rest assure, the day of me getting married will come, I will not grow old alone, I’m scared of it.”

Although currently both had expressed that they are single, but when talked about the difficulties faced when in love, they both said looking for a place to dine. With regards to all the romantic in the film, Andy expressed that in real life, doing nothing together with your loved one is the real romantic but you might not have the chance throughout your life, thus tried experiencing this sort of romantic in the film. Shu Qi then quipped: “I feel so romantic to be able to do interviews with Andy for the past few days.”

At the press conference, Andy revealed that his next film project will be Tsui Hark’s Babel Empire as he will be the male lead Di Ren Jie, he exclaimed that he’s currently reading the history of Di Ren Jie. In addition, he also revealed that he had read the script of Ning Hao’s ‘Wu Ren Qu’ and he loved it very much as he hope that he will be cast as the male lead but his schedule need to be arranged. Andy even told Shu Qi: “I’ll like to be cast in this film, it’s really a very special story, I and Ning Hao feel that there is a character that suit you!”

There was also a meet the audience session at UME Cineplex where Andy, Denise Ho, Zhang Hanyu and director Andrew Lau had close contact with the audience.

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