Birmingham City Football Club wanted to cast Andy in HK’s version of Goal!

Last week Hong Kong’s Grandtop International Holdings Limited’s Carson Yeung successfully gained full control of 94% shares of Birmingham City Football Club, officially becoming the first Chinese boss of an English Premiere League (EPL) club. Carson would help Birmingham City Football Club to break into the China market, using millions to hire Tsui Siu Ming and Andy Lau as the club’s ambassador.

Birmingham City Football Club had always hope that Andy could become its ambassador to improve its popularity among Chinese, its aim is to become the most popular EPL club among Chinese, however Andy is still considering the offer thus had not signed the contract. It is said that in order to move Andy, Birmingham City Football Club is intending to shoot a movie with him as the male lead. An insider said: “Tsui Siu Ming had always been on good relationship with Andy, when he joined Birmingham City Football Club, his first task will be shooting a soccer theme movie, many famous soccer players will star opposite Andy, it would be like Hong Kong’s version of Goal!. However Andy had several different product endorsements, he need to consider carefully.”

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