Look For A Star premiere in Macau

Andy Lau and Shu Qi were at Macau yesterday for the premiere of Look For A Star.

Andy dressed up as a white prince charming, as he once exclaimed that “he won’t grown old alone” was still wearing the wedding ring on his ring finger, it seems that this ring has some significance meaning.

Look For A Star was shot completely in Macau, the romantic scenes were mostly shot in MGM Grand Macau, the premiere was held at the same place. Shu Qi was wearing a cleavage revealing sarong dress, which is eye catching, however it was too long thus requiring the help of Andy when she’s walking down the stage.

Shu Qi’s expression appeared “cold”, when asked about her best friend Kelly Lin alleged to be getting married, she answered: “She didn’t tell me.”

Wearing all white, Andy received a red paper with half of the Chinese character “Hua”, Andy was told that it was a blessing wish that he would find a “hand” to hold soon, he burst into laughters as if it hit his wish.

In the earlier promotion activity in Guangzhou, he was discovered wearing a wedding ring and questions were asked by the media, he admitted it a wedding ring and promise all that “everyone will see my day of blissfulness.” He was asked about the meaning of “blissful” yesterday, he said: “Blissful is rather special, when you are not feeling blissful, it show that blissful had run away, if you don’t love “it”, it will not remain with “it”.” Blissful is like a “declaration of love”.

When asked about the ring, Andy held Shu Qi’s hand whom also had a ring in her middle finger, he quipped: “Our rings are of the same brand, hers cost $70,000 and mine cost $7,000. The boss treat me not so well.”

Director Andrew Lau was asked if he feel that Andy is rather in a “blissful mood”, Andrew quipped: “New Year is coming.”

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