Andy: “If you work hard, you’ll get rewards”

Andy Lau is as hardworking as an ox, with his Chinese zodiac being ox too, thus he is always been nicknamed as ‘niu hua’ (ox Andy), which is very suitable. Andy said: “Nobody called me that in the face before, at the most when reporters asked me to take photographs and short-cut by addressing me as ‘Liu Hua’, but it doesn’t matter.”

Other than him being called ‘niu hua’, veen his son Andox is a combination of Andy and Ox, his other son named Box is the combination of Black and Ox.

This is his fifth Year of the Ox, Andy exclaimed that he does not believed what was written in those numerology books which wrote that his luck will not be as good this year, he said: “I believe more in myself, for the praying to Thai Sui was done on behalf by my family, seeking for peace, I seldom joined them.”

Andy said after entering showbiz, he always do well in singing during the year of ox, in 1985 he officially become a singer and release his first album ‘Zhi Zhi Dao Chi Ke Ai Ni’, in 1997 he released the classic ‘Zhong Guo Ren’, he said: “I feel that it’s one of the song that made me proud, the fans loved it, because in every year of the ox, I always done well in singing, thus the first thing I wanted to do this year is to release a new album.”

It had been a long time since Andy release an album, he will be releasing his new Cantonese album Love Hope on Valentines’ Day 14 February, he says: “For many years I have not released a love song album, I sang too much encouraging song. This album had been prepared from 2008 till 2009, it will be my first album released under East Asia, thus my planning for the year of the ox is to work hard promoting the album.”

Andy always believed that you’ll get rewards when you work hard, thus one must be hardworking, he said: “If you don’t do it, the whole sky won’t drop for you. I have 2 new songs, one named “I do” and another named “I Wish”, although everyone are saying that the economics are not good, I wanted to urge all, I do hardwork and I wish to prosper in wealth.”

news from: Apple Daily News