Dou Dou: “Andy is nervous.”

60th anniversary of People’s Republic of China gala show was held at Beijing two nights ago, Dou Dou – little 9-years-old girl from Shenzhen got to duet ‘Jin Tian Shi Ni De Sheng Ri’ with well known singers Andy Lau and Mao Amin, their prefect performance won loud applause from the audience. When Dou Dou was boarding her train back to Shenzhen, she said that Andy asked her before the performance: “Are you nervous?”

Wearing a red dress, 9-years-old Dou Dou sang the second song of the gala show with her clean voice, she duet with Andy Lau and Mao Amin. Dou Dou is from Shenzhen, a primary 5 student, learning singing from 84-years-old singing instructor Wang Kun.

Accompanied by her parents, Dou Dou took a train back to Shenzhen. When talked about the performance, her excited mother said that CCTV inform her that Dou Dou would be performing with Andy and Mao Amin one week ago. The whole family rushed to Beijing on 26 September and went through rehearsal several times.

Dou Dou said: “I’m not nervous, when I sang the first line, Andy and Mo Amin were worried that I would be nervous as they asked me.” She said that Andy asked her before the performance: “Are you nervous?” She replied: “Uncle, I’m not nervous.” She then witness the agitated Andy’s hand was shaking.

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