Andox and Box joined Green Festival

“Subtraction Life” Green Festival is the first earth conservation activity initiated by the public in Mainland China, its aim is to promote a “green lifestyle, lend a helping hand to minimize damage to the earth”. The artiste that were present at the activity brought some green element to their outfit, Andox and Box also took some time to dress up as they paste a green heart on their chest. Andox said: “Everyone know that the heart is red in color, but I’m telling everybody, our world is not only black and white, there’s also green, only we have an earth conservative heart, the world will be fill with green.”


In the activity, Andox and Box were the special guest as they sing their “mother’s” classic song ‘Zhong Guo Ren’. Being China’s first imaginary idols, Andox and Box have always appeared with active, healthy and charity image, learning from “mother” Andy Lau to spread the message of earth conservation. When performing, they also did not forget about earth conservation as Andox whom was drenched in sweat said: “During rehearsal, performance and activities, we prepared many towels, this would minimize the wastage of tissue paper.”

Other than the day of the activity, Andox and Box had also distributed many recycle bag which bare images of them, telling people to use a simple way to do green life charity. The brothers are very attentive toward earth conservation, Andox said: “When I and my brother were out of our hime, we would shut off our water dispenser, to save electricity, we would also off it when we sleep.” The mischievous Box imitate the dialogue in the movie: “When we went strolling in the park when we are boring, we would avoid the grass and flowers because our legs are huge, flowers and grass are living things too, stepping on them would not be good.”

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