Andy is thankful for this year’s birthday

Today is Andy Lau’s 48th birthday, he wrote a new post on his website on 26 September to thanks his fans, saying that he feel warmth after he received presents from his colleagues. In addition, Andy also expressed that he’s very lucky sighing :”There’s birthday every year but this year is very thankful.”

Andy wrote a new post titled Long Relationship to express his own feelings. Andy expressed: “Looking at me grow up, those that I watch them grow up, we have the affinity to become a family, long enough relationship, new members joined in, in order to have the crowd at the Andy family birthday party, thus the question “What can I ask for an artiste like me?”, I’m not self confidence, but I really satisfied.”

Andy is very touched by his colleagues’ celebration, he wrote: “Happy that my colleagues gave me family warmth, in those earlymessy days, when I’m back to the company, for days people have been saying ‘Support Andy Lau, treat us afternoon tea’, it’s pleasant to the heart, the intention is there for the person whom treat, I want a milk tea, every slip is so sweet and warmth. All round support at the birthday party, and all the present from my colleagues, I’ll collected all of them, will treasure them.”

In the end, Andy is very thankful this year: “Being fortunate, why the heaven have such a long relationship with me? There is birthday every year, but this year is most thankful.”

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