100 episode idol drama for Andox and Box

Ever since Andy Lau brought his sons – Andox and Box into Mainland China, recently there was news that Zhejiang TV would be investing millions to produce the first 100 episodes idol drama for Andox and Box. Andy is also looking closely at the script as he become the consultant for his sons.

The 100 episode idol drama will narrates about a group of aliens with refreshing characters and special powers, they were on board a lost control spaceship that was flying aimlessly in outer space and the sudden incidents happened during that period.

Andox and Box will be a long lost twins, Andox character is intelligent and determined, whereas the mischievous Box would be active and keen to know more things, he also enjoy to create trouble. Although Andy had a tight schedule thus unable to join in the drama, but he would be passing his acting experience to them.

It is said that the shooting will start in the middle of October and end in January 2010.

news from: ent.hunantv.com

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