Andy volunteer himself as stuntman in final day of shooting for Future Cop

Directed by Wong Jing, the 2 months of location shooting of Future Cops in Beijing had ended on 19 January. After the Chinese New Year, the film will be sent in for special effects post production.

It is a large scale scene in the final scene with the car driven by “future cop” Liu Yang fallen from the sky. To make the scene more realistic, the production team invited the special effects team used by the late Ko Shou Liang. More than a thousands extra were used for this scene.

From the understanding of crew member, Andy show off his gentleman behavior throughout the shooting, he also volunteer himself as stuntman for Liu Yang.

In the shooting of the final scene, newbie actress Liu Yang was held in mid-air with limited movements. Looking from below, Andy told jokes to Liu Yang to make her smile as he quipped: “I’ll catch you if you fall”, he also gave her his thermal water bag for Liu Yang to keep warm. Andy’s gentleman behavior is admired by the crew members.

The film will be sent to Hollywood to the team whom did Dark Knight for post production works. The film had hope of hitting the cinema in end 2009 or next year Chinese New Year holidays.

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