Andy wrote ‘Mu Qing’ for National Day

Andy Lau wrote ‘Zhong Guo Ren’ 12 years ago for the Hong Kong handover to China, this year is the 60th anniversary of People’s Republic of China, once again Andy wrote a song ‘Mu Qing’ as the present to Motherland, narrating that the country is like the mother to everybody.

The lyrics of the song is written by Andy and composed by Ronald Ng, it more grand when compared to ‘Zhong Guo Ren’. The music started off with a little girl’s voice, which brings out the deep Chinese culture, the rivers and jiangs hugs and 13 billion people’s hope and wishes.

Earlier he went to Beijing to shoot the music video, in it he wore a samfoo and white long gown for the shooting. Andy specially invited CCTV’s director Yang Dong Sheng to director the music video. When talked about the requirement of wearing a samfoo and white long gown, Andy expressed that he had forgotten how many similar outfits he had and every outfit looked a bit different. The director expressed that he would want to use Changjiang and Yellow River as background, the shooting crew thought that they would be going location shooting but the director only wanted to create the scene.

When Andy entered the studio, he saw sands of different heights, the wall was screening videos of the Changjiang and Yellow River as if the wave is rushing towards him, there were also 10 male and female temporary actors performing dragon dance behind him. During the positing, all actors rushed towards Andy and hugged him before telling him: “Mr. Lau, all of us loved you.” Andy then agreed to everybody’s request to take a group photograph.

There was another scene that Andy shot in the study room, he was so excited that he went back to the hotel and wrote the words ‘Mu Qing’ in calligraphy as it would be used on the sleeve for this single.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po