Fan: “Andy is so handsome in army uniform!”

It was the first screening of The Founding of a Republic at Coastal City Cinema yesterday, close to 200 audience entered the cinema, the attendance exceeded 80%. Half of the audience accompanied their parents to watch the film, the other half was to count the number of stars in the film.

Whenever a superstar appeared on the screen, the youngsters will get excited and cheered. One said: “I came for Andy Lau, he looked so handsome in army uniform, Chen Daoming is also so cool.” Another said: “There are too many stars, that’s so cool, with so many stars the camera moved too fast, it’s nervous watching the film.” Some even suggested that watching the film for the first time to watch the stars, the second time to watch the story.

Coastal City Cinema estimated that the attendance of the screenings will peak during the weekend.

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