Andy to venture into young female models market?

Recently Andy Lau had been apologizing because of his family matters, but it did not damage his determination in his career. It’s heard that he’s secretly doing a revolution, with his interest in becoming a boss, it’s alleged that he’s the mastermind controlling his favorite Lam Katung into the young female model business, sources said that he had gathered 20 young female models and launch them into the market, to do battle with Leon Lai in the young female models market. Andy and Leon had been battling each other since the heavenly kings days, no wonder people were saying that the 2 heavenly kings had their bones mixed up in past lives thus becoming deadly enemies.

It’s alleged that Andy’s production company will be headed by Lam Katung on the surface, the largest shareholder is East Act Entertainment Ltd (Lam Katung owned 10.1% of the company), whereas the largest shareholder of East Act Entertainment Ltd is Sky Pacific Investments Inc. (5.3%), but this company is registered in British Virgin Islands, the mystery boss did not show face.

After seeing Leon placing bet in the models world years ago, this arouse the interest of Andy whom like to invest. It is said that Andy asked Lam Katung to enter the market. Insider said: “Andy gave HK$8000,000 to Lam Katung to shoot a film titled Da lui toi with MC Jin and J.J. Jia as the leads. Initially Andy only wanted to invest in the film but Lam Katung told him of the hit market of young female models, in addition to Leon’s outstanding investment, thus Andy would also want to venture into the young female models market at the end of this year. He would like to sign up 20 young female models, currently the models had yet being selected, they should be all newbies, it will not be a burden as they would come cheap. Although Andy would not show face, but its heard that many decisions would need Andy’s approval.”

With regards to Andy venturing into the young female models market, Leon’s wife Gaile Lai said: “I don’t know.”

However several other young female models got excited. Chrissie Chow is delighted: “I’m happy in my current company, but if Andy was to ride a motorcycle to discuss the contract details with me, I’ll surely jump over to his company!” Another young female model Lavina said: “If he approach me, of course I’ll be interested, Andy is my idol!” Andy indeed has strong drawing power.

Media Asia which Andy is contracted with refuse to comment on this allegation. Meanwhile Lam Katung express in a telephone interview, he said: “All of you had mistaken, indeed someone did approach me to discuss on this matter, but I’ve rejected the offer, my company is dealing with public relations rather than promotion, thus I recommend them another company, this company is not related to Andy, I does not want to trouble him.” With Andy refusing to show face, of course Lam Katung would kept his mouth mum till the end!

Well-known fortune teller in Hong Kong Mak Lingling expressed that Andy is not suitable to do business, she said: “He has a officer injured eight characters, he need to earn money with his own labor, owning his popularity, do business would have financial problems. Actually his nose does not consider bad, but its too thin, not suitable to do investments, the most is to do conservative investments such as property.”

On 25 August, Andy finally confirm his relationship with Carol Choo when he hold her hands at the airport when catching their flight back to Hong Kong. Andy used physical action to prove their husband and wife relationship. Despite going public, does it shows that Mrs. Lau could go out openly with her husband? A passenger whom took the same flight MH0074 with Andy from Malaysia to Hong Kong told Hong Kong media, although Andy and Carol were on the same flight but they sat at separate seats, their seats were 11A and 11K, on each side of the cabin’s window respectively, they also did not chat throughout the flight.

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