Andy celebrated Chinese New Year with fans

Born in the year of the ox, Andy Lau’s nickname had been changed to ‘niu hua’ (ox hua). this year is the year of the ox, hardworking Andy had been busy all year, it’s the same for this year.

Other than the arrangement of spending the first day of Chinese New Year with his parents, he had a Chinese New Year celebration with his fans on the second day of Chinese New Year, he pointed out that it had been two years since he celebrated with his fans whom had been writing emails, letters and leaving comments to state their hope of celebrating New Year gathering with Andy. They got their wish this year as they can have a happy second day of Chinese New Year.

Of course Andy gave away red packets to his fans, he gave away a total of 800 red packets. Andy quipped that he depended on his colleagues to help him packed the red packets. With regards to the amount of money in each red packet, he does not wish to reveal, he does not want to strike any comparison with other artistes whom gave out red packets, he just to have a good blessing, most importantly is to make the fans happy.

Andy also received many red packets from the fans, the fans also gave red packets to Andox and Box. Being a understanding “mother”, he did not collect the red packets from his sons, he just reminded them to be thrifty and spend the money from the red packets on meaningful stuffs.

During the gathering, Andy said blessing words to fans while distributing red packets to them. The fans also requested hugs which Andy complies, delighting the fans.

Andy expressed that he will resume work on the fifth day of Chinese New Year as he will be preparing for the promotion of his new Cantonese album which will be the first album released by East Asia since joining them, he says: “There is a major change in the financial world last year, I hope that everyone can work positively this year, everything goes smoothly and all dreams come true. Smooth paths for all industries, if everybody work hard and believe in yourself, even how tough the path ahead you, you will get by fine.”

Other than the hardworking Andy, his sons – Andox and Box also inherit their “mother’s” hardworking genes. Last year, Andox and Box become the collaborator of a Hong Kong fashion label, even become endorsers for electronic shop’s ox related products and having their own themed fast food restaurant. Into the year of the ox, Andox and Box will be landing into the world of Internet spreading new ox play as 16 different style of emoticons will be released in MSN.

news from: Ta Kung Po,,