Andy signed up 20 female models

According to Hong Kong media, career minded Andy Lau whom had witness fellow Heavenly King Leon Lai signed up female model Janice Man and became a “money tree”, he also secretly signed up 20 pretty female models as he hoped to nurture them into artistes.

News from Taiwan’s Apple Daily News, Andy who is always business minded, know that models are easily trained unlike nurturing a singer would need a high budget to sent them for singing lessons and image overhaul. He had that Leon spent HK$2 million to sign up model Janice Man some 10 years ago, her earning in 1.5 month allowed the company to earn NT$780,000, with the assistant of wife Gaile Lai, Leon managed to earn back what he invested within 1.5 years.

Other than both of them keeping their wives in cold storage, with a good money making opportunity, Andy would also join in the market to earn money to do some catching up.

With regards to this, Andy’s company refuse to comment. Meanwhile, Gaile Lai was asked when she attended a public activity, she quipped: “I’m not sure if this news is true or false, it’s fine even it’s true because the current market could accommodate different types of models.”

Being hardworking in his career, Andy also need to be hardworking with regards to “home matters”, it’s more important to have a baby with Carol Choo. Andy whom also said that he registered his marriage with Carol in order to go through assisted conception, its reported that Carol is already pregnant. Andy had also reached an agreement with his management company that he would immediately rushed home to accompany Carol if she is pregnant.

The Hong Kong media analyze that Andy’s move to sign up the models is his plan to move to the backstage. With the recent expose of his marriage, he showed signs of retiring, if he could become a boss and signed up artistes, it killing two birds with one stone. In this way, even if Carol is pregnant, his family and career will not be affected.

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