Mega cast in The Founding of a Republic

The film – The Founding of a Republic is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of founding of China, it has a cast of more than 100 megastars, it would open in the cinema on 1 October. The cast includes Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Chen Kaige, Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Guoli, Tang Guoqiang and many more, it’s touted to be the film with the strongest cast. During the preparation, many actors did not mind the short screen time and agreed to act without any fees. Andy and Leon are playing Chiang Kai-shek right-hand man Yu Ji and anti-Japanese general Cai Tingkai.

On the day of Leon’s shooting, director Peter Chan also participate. Leon said that despite the short screen time, but it’s a rare chance that so many well known actors and directors cameo in the film. Although he did not get to act opposite each actors but it’s a honor to appear in this film.

Andy whom is Chinese Nationalist Party’s high rank official Yu Ji whom assist Chiang Kai-shek in the bombing of Tiananmen. Andy said that the cast of this film is historic and believe that it would attract audience of all ages. He hope that other than watching the actors, the audience would also know more on the Chinese history.

news from: Ming Pao