Andy tells wife that their future is boundless

Since being exposed of his marriage to Carol Choo, Andy Lau had been closely watched by the media but he did not answer the reporters’ questions. Finally around midnight on 8 September, Andy left a message to tell the fans his feelings, he wrote: “Our future, boundless,” it seems that he had looked at his future and gave his beloved a steady pill. Meanwhile on his “son” Andox’s blog, he expressed that he would always stayed beside his “mother” to love him, encourage him and asked him not to give up as he dream that the fans had forgiven Andy.

Andy had refused to answer the media’s questions as he only used legal means to stress that he does not have a son nor daughter, but he left a message in the forum of Andy World Club website on 8 September around 11:41 pm titled Heart is Lighten as he tell his feelings to those fans that concern of him, the words express that he had picked up his emotions and will continue to work hard.

He wrote: “The heart is lighten, sky is blue; will return to work, step by step it would be busy as usual. There’s many changes in life, every experience enrich your life, fate is no longer messy, no need to shoulder it. Life is not difficult when you think it’s not difficult, it’s not troubled when you think it’s not troubled. Our future is boundless, the road is blue.”

It’s unsure if its to console Carol Choo.

In addition, Andox also updated his blog as he express in the post titled “Mummy I love you” as he taste sorrow for the first time having seeing people he loved in trouble, he and Box cried numerous times, Box asked: “Will we still see mummy smile?” Andox replied: “Mummy will not be defeated.” Andox then see a teared Box sleeping with a smile, he wrote: “I think he must have dreamt that the fans had forgiven mummy and the media stop questioning.” When heard mummy said: “When one is tired, you could take a rest, when your heart is tired, will you give up?” Andox encourage Andy not to give up.

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