Female Datuk wanted Andy to spend a night with her

According to Malaysian reports, Andy Lau was once approached by a female Datuk to spend a night with her 26 years ago, because of this Andy cried in-front of his then girlfriend Yu Kexin.

The report stated that in Yu Kexin’s book Ocean of Love, Starry Sky – Andy Lau and I, she wrote: “One day, his expression did not looked right when he’s back to the hotel, he did not speak a word and started to tear. He said that one local influential figure female wanted him to accompany her, he expressed that he’s unable to accept and reject the offer. The female then threaten him that he shall not come to venture in Malaysia! After saying, the low morale Andy’s face is filled with tears, actually I have met that female before at the backstage area but unsure of her background but she had a leader posture.”

The media did a check and found out that this female is a female Datuk, Andy sneaked away to escape the “accompany” proposal and thus offended the Datuk.

In 1983, Andy became popular as the Yang Guo in the Return of the Condor Heroes, with his popularity he was often being invited to perform to full house crowd in Malaysia, other than TV fans, a certain female Datuk looked at Andy as her “dream lover”. Whenever Andy come to Malaysia to perform, this Datuk will go to support him and gain access to the backstage area through “related personals”. Initially Andy did not suspect anything as the Datuk could be just a normal fan or representative from the organizer thus he always accept to sign autograph for her, unexpected after knowing the Datuk, she came out with an offer to “accompany her for a night”, this shocked Andy as he used the excuse that he’s tired and need to rest to return to the hotel.

After Andy’s marriage came to light, Yu Kexin’s book become a hot seller again. Some netizen hoped that the book could be made into a TV drama.

In addition, Ye Kexin also donated 5 soft toys given as presents in the past by Andy for auction for charity. The starting bid price is NT$500, a total amount of NT$2.6 million is raised, among them a chicken soft toy managed to see off at the highest price of NT$5600. All funds raised are donated to The Red Cross Society of the Republic of China. The auction started on 4 September and ended yesterday, many netizens logged on to bid, some netizens wrote words of encouragement, netizen daski wrote: “Used 24 years of love to become strength to save the victims.” tansponsonhot2 said: “Go Yu Kexin! I support you! Your love really touches people’s hearts.”

Andy to stop work to accompany Carol during her pregnancy

There is another news saying that after returning to Hong Kong, Carol did not step out of Andy’s apartment for days, Andy also stayed in the apartment to accompany her, taking care of his wife. According to report, 47-years-old Andy hope that Carol is pregnant thus he had decided to stop work to accompanied his wife.

This year, Andy had completed the shooting of Future X-Cops and Detective Dee, he will soon collaborate with Jet Li in New Shaolin Temple thus would be working in a tight schedule. He had reached an agreement with the movie company that if the shooting period clashed with Carol’s success pregnancy, he would stop his current work to accompany his wife.

Irene Wan: Carol Choo is a noble woman

When attending a product endorsement activity, Irene Wan was asked about the marriage of Andy and Carol Choo, Irene quipped: “Actually we as friends all knew that he’s married, but Andy is rather low profile thus things that he does not want to tell would not announce it, he hope that everyone would understand him, artiste also have their own privacy.”

On her view, she think Carol is a noble woman, “For so many years, she’s always supporting Andy behind his back, it’s not easy.”

Jacky Cheung congratulate Andy

Jacky Cheung whom would be performing in the upcoming Singapore F1 race was interviewed by zaobao.com. With single Andy and Leon Lai exposed of their marriage secretly in Las Vegas, Aaron Kwok kept mum about his love life, Jacky whom was married for 13 years was being said to be the “most honest heavenly king” because he announced his marriage after registering with May Lo in 1996.

With regards to this title, Jacky thinks: “They are idol thus different from me. When I first entered showbiz, everybody joked of my looks, thus I cannot become an idol. I wanted to congratulate Andy, he’s around the same age as me, nothing wrong in getting married. Anyway, this is his matter, he had his own reason for not telling.”

With regards to Andy wanting to become a father, so did he seek any advice from him. Jacky said that Andy did not contact him, “If he discuss this with me, I would share my experience with him, because my wife got pregnant 6 months after we got married.”

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