Andy use birthday party to win back fans

Since being exposed of marrying Carol Chu in Las Vegas in June 2008, Andy Lau was being labeled as a liar as he purposely hide the truth of him being married, he intend to used this year’s birthday celebration party to correct his wrong doings, but still fans expressed their intention of leaving the “family member” and become a normal fan.

According to Hong Kong reports, Andy did not kept his promise of admitting that he’s married, after his “delayed confession” message which apologize to fans, media and friends. There are more 70 pages of comments by fans at the Andy World Club message board, close to 30,000 hits, among them fans exclaimed that that they would “leave the family member and become a normal fan”. It seems that they are drawing a line with Andy, some fans also wrote: “If I never lie in my life, then I would have the rights to scold those whom lied.”

Andy had always been anxious of his fans, as 27 September would be his 48th birthday, his website had indicated that there will be a birthday party at Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre Star Hall on 22 September, this would be the first time that he meet fans face-to-face after announcing his marriage.

According to report, due to the limited slots, only a few hundreds fans could attend, it was said that the figures increases instead of decreasing, because most of the fans would like to hear Andy’s explanation in person. Some die hard fans had recorded some supportive message to be broadcast during the birthday party.

Andy would also celebrate his birthday with his Hong Kong fans every year, as it’s a private event, fans would not allow to bring camera and video camera, as all footage would be released officially, some fans pointed out that Andy disclose that he would love to have children last year, his words seems like some hint.

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