Andy, Leon Lai and Miriam Yeung are married!

Hong Kong Four Heavenly Kings – Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok had been around for 18 years. The love-hate relationship between Andy and Leon had been a colorful one in-front and behind scenes. Unexpectedly, these 2 heavenly kings battled against each other again on marriage and have children.

Among the heavenly kings, Jacky is the first to get married thus fans not to worry for him. Andy kept a secret relationship for 24 years before the dust settled, it’s the most torturing, however when news of his marriage being exposed, immediately followed by the topic of assisted conception.

When Oriental Daily contacted Andy’s assistant, he replied: “Andy is currently working in Beijing, not sure he would stay there for how many days.” The reporter asked: “How is Andy feeling?” The assistant expressed: “Had not seen him in person, he’s currently would not be commenting on this issue.”

Leon whom had been competing and alleged to be loggerheads with Andy also seize the chance to announce his marriage to Leon Gaile before Andy, even comes to marriage, these 2 heavenly kings also wanted to be first. However, Leon Gaile being young would not be in the rush for children as she and Leon are currently discussing about it.

Another newly couple Miriam Yeung and Real (Gary) Ting also revealed their wedding photos to the media to share their joy. When Miriam was attending a public activity, media discover that she rather put on weight and have slight tummy, the Hong Kong was speculating that she’s pregnant and thus the wedding was set on 11 September.

Leon whom had been keeping his marriage a secret but due to the exposure of Andy-Carol marriage leading to his marriage also being disclosed. The Hong Kong media was saying that Leon only wanted to disclose his marriage after Leon Gaile is pregnant, unexpectedly his plans was ruined by Andy. In addition, reporters disclose that Media Asia boss Peter Lam was suggesting to sponsoring the 3 couples wedding to be held at the same time, Leon was angry and object to the idea as he hope he will be holding his wedding alone!

With regards to whether Aaron Kwok be marrying Lynn Xiong Dai Lin? Lynn and Leon Gaile are of the same age, despite being hurried by the media, Aaron still decided to remain single.

news from: udn news, Liberty Times, China Times

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