Fans bombard Andy with red packets in Beijing

After announcing that he’s married on his official website blog and apologize for lying to the media, Andy Lau whom had completed his work in Hangzhou had immediately jet off to Beijing for the shooting of a music video. A large group of fans went to the airport to receive their idol and gave him red packets.

Around 3:00pm, more than 20 fans rushed to the airport to form a line. Different from normal fans welcoming idols at the airport, they are armed with red packets other than flowers to congratulate him. With regards to much money in the red packets, fans do not like to disclose.

Around 4:00pm, Andy’s flight touched down at the airport as more than 40 fans had gathered. Considering health safety, all fans wear face masks, fearing close contact with idol would affect his health. Soon after Andy walked out of the arrival hall. Despite looking tired, he still wave to the fans after seeing them waiting for him. He smile and wave before walking towards them. After giving him bouquets of flowers by the fans representative, the fans took turns to give him red packets. Andy say thanks and collect the red packets from the fans. Roughly calculated, Andy had collected a total of 20 red packets.

After thanking the fans, Andy walked out of the airport. When reporters asked him about his marriage and plans of having children, Andy kept quiet but still smile and wave to his fans.

It is said that Andy is in Beijing for the shooting for the music video of ‘Mu Qing’ (Mother).

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