Andy is married! Get married to have children!

According to Apple Daily News, from records kept by public inquiry website – Clark Country, Neveda, it showed that Andy Lau had registered his marriage with Ms Choo Lay Keng in Las Vegas on 23 June 2008. The acknowledgement date and marriage date in the record fell on the same day, thus there is a possibility that they decided to get married on the spur of the moment.

Andy posted an apology message titled Sorry in his official website blog around noon on 29 August, he wrote: “I’m sorry that I’m unable to keep my promise, for my family members, friends whom had trusted me, inconvenience to the media, I’m sorry… I’m working at the moment, I can’t say all I wanted to say, I’ll explain to all of you later.” In this less than 100 words message being posted on his website, it immediately created a huge commotion. Within 3 hours, the website went down. Most of the fans did not blame their idol or show anger nor jealous towards Carol, they even address Carol as Mrs. Lau. Peter Lam, who is the boss of Media Asia where Andy is contracted with also admitted that Andy is indeed married.

After the above mentioned apology post, Andy posted another post titled “Delayed confession” around 10:00pm the same night. He wrote in the message to ask for the fans’ forgiveness, he got married because of his age and he also wanted to have children, he would be using medical methods for Carol to be pregnant. With the message, it seems that Carol got her title because of him wish to have children, believed it might create another commotion.

Andy wrote: “Actually I always hope to have children, old age is the truth, thus after suggestion from doctor, the success rate of medical methods would be higher, so be it! Hong Kong would not change its law as it require registered married couple in order to carry out the process… thus I decided to register my marriage in America, the process will be done in Hong Kong; but I’m afraid if I announced this, she will be chased around by reporters, thus I made this selfish decision. I thought everything would goes smoothly, when the baby stabilize than I would announce to everyone.. I’m really sorry! Sorry! This is the reason for everything, I’ve said it, although it’s too late, I’m in the wrong in the first place for not keeping my promise but all of you have the rights to be the first to know, sorry… ”

However in this message, it seems that Andy is saying that Carol is already pregnant, thus the line of “when the baby stabilize than I would announce to everyone”, but never deny that he previously have children. Meanwhile Andy’s management company express that currently “she’s not pregnant”.

The fans are feeling rather complicated after reading the messages as some are touched and cried, some depressed but all expressed that they will forgive Andy and support him fully. Otherwise netizens had criticise him as “Lying Heavenly King”, disappointed in him! For Andy’s message, there are already 500 comments, most of them express that they forgive Andy, some asked him to be responsible, understand the pressure that he’s in when he did not tell the truth and even wish him bliss with Carol. This had also been hot discussions in forums where netizens had been pointed out that Andy is lying, which disappoint all people whom had trusted him.

Around 7:15am yesterday, Andy’s parents came out of their apartment at Kadoorie Hill for a walk. They were surrounded by reporters, Andy’s father asked: “For how long are you going take photographs of me? Don’t you think you can take photo when required instead of everyday?” When asked about Andy registering his marriage in June last year, did he went for the ceremony. Andy’s father did not answer whereas his mother asked the reporters to stop taking photographs.

news from: Wei Wen Po, udn news, China Times, Ming Pao

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