Look For A Star is box office champion, collect $50 million within 6 days

The long holidays of the Chinese New Year just passed, the result of the box office takings of individual had been revealed. Distributed by Huayi Brothers, Look For A Star managed to collect $50 million with 6 days of screening to become the box office champion. It’s forecast that the romantic Look For A Star can last in the cinema for a long time as its screening time can be extended till February’s Valentines Day.

Directed by Andrew Lau, Look For A Star narrates Shu Qi as the modern Cinderella and Andy Lau as the diamond bachelor in a romantic love relationship. The film used a theme of “blissfulness need to fight for” won the hearts of audience. Opening in the cinema on 26 January, Look For A Star managed to attain a proud box office taking. After 3 days of screening, it managed to collect close to $30 million. Till the sixth day of Chinese New Year, it had collected $50 million throughout Mainland China. From our understanding, Look For A Star has outstanding results in Guangzhou and other north markets. A manager from a cinema exclaimed: “Other than the relax and delight character of the film, it’s suitable for the Chinese New Year, another important reason that it being popular in Guangzhou is that the Cantonese version is screened.”

A total of 10 films are screened during the Chinese New Year holidays, with the positive result of Look For A Star, from Chinese New Year Eve to the second day of Chinese New Year, the total box office collection is 30% higher than last year, it’s estimated that the box office collection will be three times higher. Insiders forecast that its screening time can be extended till February’s Valentines Day. The spokesman for Huayi Brothers expressed: “Look For A Star will be holding a celebration party before Valentine Day celebrating the second movie of Huayi Brothers to surpass $100 million.”

news from: Sina.com