Alleged daughter of Andy accompanied his parents for dinner

Recently Andy Lau made an appearance holding the hands of Carol Zhu Liqian had been making the headlines, with regards to the allegation that Andy “already have children” had become the focus point of outsiders.

On 27 August, the latest issue of Sudden Weekly exposed the look of “Andy’s daughter”!

According to the report, just when Andy was holding onto the hands of Carol at the Hong Kong International Airport around 7:00pm on 25 August, the magazine managed to take photographs of Andy’s parent taking a girl that alleged to be Andy’s daughter out for dinner outside their Kadoorie Hill apartment.

However they ignore the magazine reporter when being approached, thus nothing can be confirmed.

There were a little boy and girl spotted during Carol’s father funeral in Kuala Lumpur last week, they were wearing face mask, thus hard to see how they looked like but outsiders had been saying that they are the “children of Andy and Carol”. The magazine pointed out that the little girl by the side of Andy’s parent had 90% similarity in look to the girl in Kuala Lumpur, insiders were saying that Andy had a daughter and the “son” is actually Carol’s nephew named Martin.

Andy’s “daughter” is said to be 11 years old, named Liu Yunfeng Emma, currently studying in a well known school.

The Hong Kong media are guessing that Andy will follow his father-in-law last wishes, other than disclosing his wife on the first seven and will admit that he has children on the end seven (49 days after death which happened to be 5 October).

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