Andy denied say bad words of cow rearers

Earlier it was reported in Ming Pao that Andy Lau was being quoted by a female volunteer worker that he’s not a man of his words as he ridiculed World Animal Rights (Charity) Association Ltd, publicly known as “Cows Home Hong Kong” person-in-charge Miss Au Yeung Sin Yu (also known as Miss Yeung Yeung) action of taking care of abandoned and strayed cows as “silly” and these cows should had been dead.

When Andy was approached on this allegation yesterday, he exclaimed that he does not who is the person whom slammed the remark on him, he stress that he and his colleagues had not said those words mentioned in the allegation.

Several netizens had shown their support to Andy as they believed that he would not scold cows, Andy said: “You need not believe whether it is true or false, I have not say these words. No matter what’s the situation, I would not like to bother her (the volunteer worker).” When reporters asked that if he has affection for cow, Andy said: “It’s normal! What does the Chinese zodiac Ox belongs to, of course I will love it, even if I don’t love them I won’t say bad things about them!”

news from: Ming Pao