Celebrities take on Andy

The love relationship between Andy Lau and Carol Zhu Liqian came to the surface recently with the death of Carol’s father. In fear of his identity being revealed, Andy did not show up to pay his last respect in front of Mr. Zhu on the day of funeral, thus he was being flamed by netizens for not giving a title to his girlfriend. Earlier, Andy was photographed attending the first seven praying ceremony with the Zhu family.

Under huge pressure, Andy is alleged that he would follow the Chinese custom of getting married within 100 days for married joy. Yesterday, Andy was photographed holding the hands of Carol at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, it seems that he was seizing the chance to give the title of Mrs. Lau to Carol whom was the invisible woman for years. With such cruel remarks, fellow celebrities were asked and each of them gave different opinions.

Alan Tam: “Each country has its own law, families has their own rules, everybody has different rules and views, I don’t think there is any problem. (What about cruel remarks from netizens?) Netizens has their own way of looking at things. He had already show his filial side. (Any advice?) Andy is an adult, he does not need anyone to teach him what to do. (It was said that a boy resemble him, is he his son?) Should show me that little boy, for no reason I was not informed, if everyone kept telling secrets to Eric Tsang, if everybody does not know will tell me. (Carol had waited for 24 years, is it fair to be announced in this way?) That’s no saying of fair or not fair in this world.”

Eason Chan: “I shall not comment as I just came back to Hong Kong. (Is it handled properly?) I really don’t know, no comment, I will not talk about this. (Do you think it’s better for coming more public?) Let nature take its own course, getting married and have children is nothing special to announce.”

Joey Yung: “Every family have their own issues, most important is Carol’s father’s rest in peace, I feel that we shall not make comments on his actions, I do not go deep into other family’s private matters, being an artiste need to consider very long when encounter with matters, I shall not make the matter worst, I support Andy. (Support him to announce his girlfriend?) There is nothing special about announce or not announce, everybody will accept it. I will surely support Andy.”

Charlene Choi: “Everyone has their own freedom of speech, artiste shall not always reveal their private life to others. (Support him to announce his girlfriend?) Everyone has their own choice to make, Andy had been hardworking for so many years, it’s for all to see, if he do well in his career, it does not means that he need to open up his private life. Everyone has their own freedom of speech.”

Miriam Yeung: “I’m so happy, I give my blessing to Andy, this is a happy and good thing, I will not criticize people’s family matters, most importantly is to be happy.”

Sandra Ng: “Shall not comment on other people’s matter, will support and respect my good friend’s decision, what other people are saying, I also will not explain how I handle my family matters, I will give him my unlimited blessing and support. I did send a text message to Andy, he replied me to thanks my concern. (It’s alleged that Andy will follow the Malaysian custom of getting married within 100 days for married joy?) It’s none of my business, why asked me whether he would be getting married, why shall I tell or explain to you, it’s sorrow to say a person without a title, every family member will have a common understanding.”

news from: Wei Wen Po